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How to reduce your expenses, so you can live without a salary!

“How to Survive Without a Salary” Review December 1, 2008

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In his book, “How to Survive without a Salary“, Charles Long takes a good hard look at the benefits of living a “conserver” lifestyle. A conserver lifestyle could be seen as “cheap” or “frugal” living…possibly done out of necessity or hardship cases. However, as Charles puts it, “…it’s a choice, not a life-long necessity.” Basically, living life on a lowered cost basis, rather than an earnings basis, is all how one deals with the rising costs of living in today’s economy. Many of his principles were solid and spot-on, including the idea that using and reusing something until it is un-fixable.

The conserver lifestyle is not to be looked on as being “poor” or done out of necessity. With the economy as it is right now, it makes sense to conserve and save money by using what others throw out, or do without, if necessary. Consumers consume…conservers conserve. What sounds thrifty: consuming or conserving?

If you are ready to start conserving and begin living without a salary–not money–but a salary, then follow me to find all the bargains, freebies and tips to reduce your expenses by at least 1/2!


2 Responses to ““How to Survive Without a Salary” Review”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I too am a HUGE fan of the book and of course the conserver lifestyle philosophy. I am glad I found you. We can be resources for each other!

    It’s funny, because I borrowed this book from the library about 5 years ago (first time), then again a couple years ago. I always wanted my own copy, but true to the conserver lifestyle did not just go out and buy it. I did put it on my mental list of things I would like to own, and sure enough, last week after spending about an hour rummaging through books at a thrift store, I found the book and it was only $0.25! So now I am reading it for the third time, and I get to keep it!!! Goes to show the only adage… “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

    I too would like to share tips and trick on living frugally, so I will be developing a WP blog soon. Come visit me at Not up yet, but as said I hope to develop it gradually.

  2. No I have’nt took time and committed myself to reading the ‘book’ but I did read much of the website introduction and I to would agree with the website here. Being Frugal is important. My income is FIXED! not by choice but by lifes circumstances. So yes, I do appreciate reading pointful information regarding, having NO employment salary to look forward to. Thats me, Orlando in NJ.

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