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Stop the Cable Madness! December 1, 2008

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There is nothing more wasteful of your income than cable television. And there is nothing more wasteful of your time and energy as well. If you need to save money, or you want to stop your consumer lifestyle in favor of conserving and reusing what you have, then not having a television or paying for cable will assist you greatly in this manner. You see, cable television is only a medium for corporate America to peddle more of their wares, therefore creating more consumerism. And the cable companies make you pay to watch these commercials! How ridiculous is that?

Before you think I am saying that you shouldn’t be able to watch anything at home, and that you should throw out your TV, read further–because I am not saying that at all. In fact, the kids and I are able to watch all sorts of TV programs and movies. Even now as I am writing this, I am watching the movie, “Animal Farm”. (A fitting movie to be watching while writing this post, don’t you think?) We do have DVD’s, but that is not the only thing I am talking about. In fact, we rarely put in a DVD…and opt instead to watch shows from the internet. (Be sure it is the high speed internet, like cable or DSL.) Now if you are just thinking YouTube, or something like that, you couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s only the most popular video site, but not the only one.

The other night, in about 15 minutes or less, I wrote down all the sites that contained full episodes and movies online. And I came up with 25 top sites that have high quality and popular programs worth watching. As I wrote, I realized that one could essentially live without TV and paying for cable, while still being able to watch favorite programs. Plus, you can use the internet for a ton of other activities as well, making the internet one of the most versatile and multi-task tool you can ever have in your home. Sounds a bit promotional, I know, but think about it. Can you use your cable TV for checking email, or searching for bargains? Can you use it to research various topics at the click of a mouse? Can you use it to make money? Not unless you have a new type of cable TV, you can’t do all that with it. Can you do all this with the Internet? Of course! And watch programs and movies as well…

Technology has come a long way to allow videos to be played online, and that is the best part. Instead of having to pay $50-$60 per month for cable TV, why not put that into a savings account or an investment account? That is how much you will be able to save per month if you just used the internet…you can even get a steep discount on your monthly internet bill by buying your own cable modem at any department store, such as Wal-Mart, or Target, etc. I am paying only $19.95 per month for my high speed internet. Can you say that about your cable bill? Really…if you want to start living without a salary, cancel your cable subscription. The only thing it does for you is to keep you from having the life you really want.

Now, about that list I created. Here is a small sample of the resources I collected. I will add more in a resources section later on…



Surf the Channel

USA Network

…and there are more. You could just start checking out the websites for all the cable channels you currently watch. They all have websites, along with full episodes of their popular programs. These are just starting points…you will find that once you see how easy it is to watch TV online, you will become hooked, and you will want to cancel your cable subscription. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Stop the Cable Madness!”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I knew there were some free sites online for watching television. There aren’t many shows that I miss since we stopped getting cable, and I’ve been collecting them once in a while on DVD — but this will be very convenient.

    A note for your conserver lifestyle stuff: art supplies always pay for themselves if you can draw reasonably well. Learning to draw well online is free. There are a ton of good sites with excellent drawing instruction from various artists, the best one that I know of is — an artist community which not only has basic drawing instruction from beginner level but classes at the expert level from artists who sell hundreds of dollars workshops.

    If you can draw past the basic level, artist grade art supplies always pay for themselves. Especially if you do portraits, pets, pretty things (flowers, still lifes) or local scenery — local history and architecture sells well in any city or town, and you can sell paintings or drawings of their storefront to restaurants and specialty shops.

    I worked as a full time street artist for many years in New Orleans. Reducing my expenses let me sell art for a living and never get up early on a Monday morning unless I wanted to. My disabilities got worse to where I couldn’t do that any more — but any healthy abled person could train into that in a year or so of serious study with what’s available online, and be earning before that year is out.

    I seriously recommend charcoal and white charcoal on tinted art paper for the dead-broke startup, that combination is cheap and will pay for better supplies fast. Oil pastels are a good cheap way to get acquainted with color, and work on drawing paper, boards, canvas boards, wood, just about anything. Even the artist grade supplies aren’t that bad as long as you order online.

    So, thanks for doing this! I’ve bookmarked the site and hope this added tip helps. I’ll be doing a site on fine art oil pastels fairly soon and may want to swap links since your philosophy is so close to what I advocate for a happy life.

    Conserving is not doing without luxury. It’s recognizing that real luxury can be a lot more cost effective when you know what you genuinely enjoy and use all the time versus what ads tell you to buy, and cutting out the disposable junk and unnecessary annoyances. I’ve been living that conservation principle since 1990 (when I started the street art gig) and never regretted it, or felt deprived — the good things in life tend to last better and not wear out fast. Steaks at home are cheaper than eating out. There are thousands of things like that where I could get more for less and do.

    Robert A. Sloan, writer

  2. Zestfive Says:

    Heh….my ex-husband’s TV broke just after New Year. He said he didn’t have the money to buy another one. I told him that if he plans on keeping his internet he could have so many options for watching TV. I suggested he check out craiglist for free tv’s and even offered to sell him one of mine cheap. Instead he bought one and is going to return it before the 90 days is up, I just know that there isn’t a place that will take one back after 90 days and he’ll feel cheated and play victim that he couldn’t take advantage of the system.

    There’s a post for you, why some people aren’t resourceful….is it that learned helplessness?

  3. I saw your internet site via yahoo the other day and absolutely love it. Keep up the fantastic work.

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