Living Without a Salary

How to reduce your expenses, so you can live without a salary!

An Odd Way to Make Casual Income January 19, 2009

In this blog, we have talked about different ways to create a casual income for yourself and your family, but I heard about something yesterday that made me re-think, and re-evaluate what casual income is at its core level. You see, this way that I heard about is not only odd, but illegal in a few states. But not unethical…it’s only illegal because most people approach this method with a “get rich quick” attitude, and they fail miserably. This is why some states have outlawed this method.

I heard a story yesterday that this guy would go to a casino, play a few machines with just a few dollars, and win somewhere between $40 to $160 at one time. Not much, when one considers the cost of living today. However, bear with me, because I have more. Every time he needed to get some extra money to buy a part for his car, or buy wood for his wood burning stove, he would take a free bus up to the casino, play the machine on what they gave him on the bus, or even what he had in his wallet (a few dollars tops), and he would be able to get the money he needed to buy the car part, or the wood.

Now I can hear some of you saying, “Well that is not real work, and it’s based on luck, and not hard work.” But if you were really interested in working hard at a salaried job, would you be here at this blog reading my words on how to get along without a salary? Point made…let’s go on. Working hard is fine if you want to do that…however, working smart pays off, and sometimes, going to a casino would be working smart–if you do it right.

The first thing to remember is that you are working against the casino system–the system that says that they must make money off of you. That is the game they are playing…why must you play by their rules? Now, please don’t try to cheat them, because you will get in a lot of trouble. The rules I am speaking of are the rules that says you have to use up alot of money in their machines, or on the games, or whatever else is there, and that you cannot stop until your money is gone. (Well, that seems to be the unwritten rule that society has placed on casinos anyway.) This doesn’t have to be the case…here is how you do it:

If you have a dollar, which you will more than likely spend on something anyway, take it to a casino (assuming you are old enough to go) and play it in a slot machine. Chances are, you will walk away with nothing, and you are out your dollar. Oh well. Time to go home. However, there is also a chance you could win at least some money and walk away with enough to go out to eat, or even more. You don’t want to take a lot of money here, because the more you bring, the more you will be tempted to waste, and that is not a great idea. But if you risk just that one dollar, and you lose it, it’s not going to blow your budget or make you broke. Especially if that is not your only dollar. (But that’s another blog post.) Of course, you could go spend that dollar on something else…but that something else doesn’t really give you a chance to earn more money on it, does it?

The point here is…if you are going to go to a casino in the first place, make sure you play smart–not foolish like most people do. You don’t have to save up money to go to a casino if you play by your own rules. Take a few dollars to play the machines, and then go home. If you win $100, that is a great return. If you don’t, then at least you got to get out and enjoy life.

And this only works if you have some sort of self control. If you know you cannot control yourself when it comes to this sort of thing, then by all means, stay away!! Don’t spend more than you can afford….that is the philosophy on this blog.

You don’t have to go to the casino…you can create a casual income by doing other things that are more concrete and will give you “sure money”. But I wanted to share with you an odd way that some people create a casual income the gambling way. After all, isn’t that what people do on the stock market??


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