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If it’s Not One Thing… January 25, 2009

So, I found out today that I was cut out of the health insurance I was covered by on my ex’s insurance. Technically, we are still married, but I thought that we had made an agreement that I was going to be on the insurance until we got divorced. Didn’t happen…he cut me out in November to “free up some money” for them. And he claims that I was supposedly going to find something else, which is why he did that. And now, he can’t divert any extra money, because they have to save up for a vehicle. (So do I, by the way.) Wow. The greed of some people…

But I guess I can’t complain too much. Why? Because there are programs that I can join, or ways I can get what I need. It’s just the idea that he didn’t even tell me that I was cut, or that he didn’t renew the FSA card. I had to find out through trial and error, which I don’t want to go into now. The point is, he didn’t even have the decency to let me know!

Why is this on a blog about living without a salary? Because if you put too much faith and trust into something that you cannot control absolutely, then in the end, you will wind up with nothing. Eventually, you will be screwed by the ones in control of your financial future. That is one important topic of many in my book, “How to Budget Without a Salary“, in which I tell you that you need to put the money that you would normally pay on health insurance premiums into a savings account of some sort. (You can read more about that here.) Buying this low cost book will help contribute to helping me with my high cost prescription….

The moral of the story? Be sure that you have something lined up before you lose health insurance benefits! Also, be sure that you are in complete control of whatever you line up!


4 Responses to “If it’s Not One Thing…”

  1. Robert Sloan Says:

    The number of ex-spouses willing to spend a dime on the needs of their ex is miniscule. The breakup creates bad feeling in itself and few people are altruistic enough to sacrifice anything for someone they’re angry at. Moral of this story, do not rely on your ex for anything that isn’t in black and white, enforceable by a lawyer and even then expect some attempt to fight it.

    Divorce is a devastating financial problem to most people. Everything has to be duplicated on both sides. You need a vehicle, your ex needs a vehicle, ex and new love’s needs get a much higher priority than any necessity of yours up to and including survival. It’s hard enough to get noncustodial parents to pay child support for their own children, who still are their kids, let alone anything for an ex-spouse.

    The higher your savings, the cheaper private insurance becomes because you can have a higher deductible.

    Prescription plans may or may not be cost effective depending on the cost of continuous necessary medications. But if you are living without a salary and far enough below the poverty line there may be alternatives. It depends on everything else in your situation and what you qualify for.

    The nastiest situations happen if the divorce hasn’t gone through and your eligibility for poverty aid vanishes because that ex is earning a lot more money but not paying your expenses. It would not surprise me if that situation sometimes kills people with medical needs.

  2. There are many options available to you. Most at little to no cost. Without knowing more information, I can’t be exact, but just judging on the name of this blog, I can think of a few. Use a reputable insurance broker. Someone who can help you with things around the Country and someone who deals with all companies and options. Contact me with questions!

  3. joetb Says:

    Yeah. I am starting to see that. That’s okay…I have a plan now anyway.

  4. joetb Says:

    And then…I found out that his girlfriend got mad at me because I had asked him for the money to cover what I needed! She got on her high horse and told him that she is pissed because I *refuse* to get a job. It’s not that I refuse…I just haven’t found something that fits yet. Assumptions…well, you know what they say about assuming, eh? Seems to fit her…

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