Living Without a Salary

How to reduce your expenses, so you can live without a salary!

I’m Back! May 29, 2010

Posting daily to a blog has not been one of my strengths. However, I have been kept busy working on other writing projects that brought in some money. One of those things involved writing for the Personal Money Store when their writers’ programs were up and running. Unfortunately, about every 4 months, they tend to stop all their programs except for the commissioned writing programs. Basically, that means writing articles and receiving a commission every time someone applies for a personal loan. Maybe not exactly honorable writing intentions, but at least it was some money coming in.

After a short sabbatical, I have re-worked my priorities and chosen to come back to consistently update this blog. Many people are having financial trouble these days and are looking for ways to make ends meet, and perhaps come out ahead. While I have not always followed my advice in the past, I have learned some valuable lessons along the way that you may be able to apply to your life. Therefore, the new purpose of this blog will to show you, not only how to save money, but how to make it as well.

Thank you for your patience while I was gone, and I hope to continue to see you all as we start this new phase together. Now, according to that Vulcan saying, “Live long and prosper!”


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